USA hosts world’s prestigious universities that foster anyone’s social and academic skills. The country is known for its economic and cultural stability. Studying and getting placed in USA is therefore considered as a great asset for the future.

At SIGI, we offer visa and immigration services for candidates willing to migrate to USA for:

  • Study

We provide all required support for our candidates in obtaining the F-1 and M-1 visas which is for the non-immigrants to USA.

The F-1 Visa - This visa is meant for candidates aspiring to attend any full-time degree or academic courses in any U.S government recognized schools or universities.

The M-1 Visa - The non-immigrants looking to aspire any vocational courses in USA should possess an M-1 visa. This visa is valid for only one year, but can be extended upto three years.

Getting both these student visas require completing different formalities including documentation, form filling, application, consular interviews and the related. At SIGI, we will guide you through every step to obtain these.

2) Work

Employment must be the reason for many to travel the US. But the visa which you must obtain depends on the type of job and purpose you are to involve. This includes:

The J-1 Visa - For those who are looking to work as a trainee or take an internship in USA, J-1 visas are recommended. This non-immigrant visa is available for anyone who has received approval for an exchange visitor program in the US.

The H-1 B Visa - This is another non-immigrant visa which is required for individuals to work in the US, and are sponsored by their employer. This visa is mainly available for 3 years, which can be extended to another 3 years as well.

The H-2 B Visa - These are for non-immigrants employed to fill any temporary skilled or unskilled (non-agricultural) jobs within the US.

The H-3 Trainee Visa - This visa is available for those seeking on-the-job training in the US, provided the training the individual seeks is not available at his/her home

The B-1 Visa - This is also non-immigrant visa granted for those on visit to the US for business needs. Validity of this visa depends on the number of entries granted - single entry or multiple entry, for the individual.

The L-1 Visa - Individuals or ‘specialized knowledge’ employees who are coming to the US for filling/performing any managerial position require an L-1 visa granted.

3) Immigration

Planning to become a permanent resident of US? Then, a Green Card is what must you acquire. Obtaining a Green Card means, you are now legal to live and work in the US. For you to apply for Green Card, there are various eligibility categories. This means, there are possibilities for you to apply for Green Card through family, employment, as special immigrant, and many other categories. And there are a set of given procedures which you must follow to apply for this.

Remember, even a minor error may delay your application process and endup demanding long wait. Therefore, entrust the tasks in reliable hands who can professionally and efficiently guide you through every step.